My order still hasn't shipped

We have recently faced multiple issues that still affect our service. Let us provide insight into what happened. We are well versed at handling delivery issues and fluctuations in state laws so there is little to no disruption in the quality of our service. Recently, though, we’ve experienced several such issues at the same time, which has made resolving them efficiently a lot trickier.

As a result, we grew our network of retail partners, expanded our team and are busy setting up faster- shipping routes. A larger amount of orders now ship via new routes, resulting in longer transit times and stops at midway sorting facilities. In some cases, tracking emails and tracking numbers might not be provided until shipments reach your regional facility. As a consequence, delivery might take up to 14-21 days, but it is usually much quicker.

While significant progress has already been made, it will take a little longer until we can catch up to the high standard of service you deserve and we aim to give. Your trust and patience during this period are greatly appreciated!

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